Lego Excursio – 14/5/13

On 14th May 2013, we went to Lego Education Centre with 2Q and half of 1/2 K. We went on a bus. It was a long and boring drive to the city but we were all very excited.


The driver dropped us at a corner. We had to walk and cross over to get to the Lego Education Centre. Once there, Mel and Kerri came out to welcome us.


The first workshop we went to was with Mel. She taught us how to make simple machines with Lego parts. We learnt about gears, levers and pulleys. We followed the steps on the book and made different simple machines. It was cool. After the first workshop, we went outside to have our snack. It was cold outside. We got to play on the fake grassy area after we ate. It was nice to run around.


After snack, we went back to the Lego centre and went to the other workshop with Kerri. We got to do five different activities – making flying cars, playing with gears, big blocks to make arm chair, small Lego bits and tubes to make a playground. It was very fun. We did a rotation and we all tried the five activities.


After the second workshop, we went out again to have our lunch. Then we went back on the bus. We were lucky that we got to watch Yogi Bear on our way back to school. It was a fun but tiring day. Thank you to all parent volunteers for helping us on that day and Ms Kelly for organising the event. It was the best excursion ever!

Recount by every boys and girls in 1S

What we have learnt about Safety…


After all these special visits from various organisation to share with us about Safety, we did some writing on what we have learnt. What an exciting Term 2!

Making cars…


This term we have been really busy with our big buddies. We used cardboard boxes, recycled bottle lids and coloured paper to make our cars! We are very excited and eager to show off our cars and bring them home.


Thank you to our buddies for helping us!

CFA visit – 14th June


This week, we had some super cool fire fighters visited us at school! It was so exciting seeing the fire truck and all the cool equipment all around the truck! We even went onto the truck. It was really high!


Here are some writing that we did after the visit.


Today we went to the fire brigade.

  We went on the fire truck.

Today we watched the fire truck.

The suit was cool.

Thank you for coming to our school. We had a great time learning about fire safety.

Police Visit – 5th June


Today, Constable Dave came to our school. We learnt alot more about the different area of work the Police do. Constable Dave even showed us his police car! It was so cool, with the siren and lights on! We had great fun!

It was cool! I learnt about the different mode of transportation the police use!   – Harrison

I remembered 2 things Constable Dave told us; ‘Police like to help people and they keep us safe.’    – Reed

My favourite part was to see the police car! – Jadyn

Ambulance in School Program – 29th May


On 29th May, we had a visit from Lawrie in his ambulance. We learnt to call ‘000’ in case of emergency. Well done to those who remembered your home addresses and telephone numbers! We even went on the amubulance. It is not scary at all. It has all the medical equipment to help us.



A big Thank You to Jodie (Harrison’s mum) and Sharon (Tyler’s mum) for helping us on that day!

Basil’s Safety House Show


On 24th May, we had a visit from Basil, the Bunyip! We had a great time watching the show. Basil showed us what to do when we feel unsafe or when we need help. We learnt to look out for the Safety House sign on the letter box and we can ask for help if we need to. Thank you, Basil!

School Crossing Visit


On 15th May, Tuesday, we had a visit from a school crossing lady named Maureen. We learnt how to use the school crossing safely. We also learnt to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK whenever we are crossing the road. It was fun!

Responible Pet Ownership


On 9th May, Wednesday, we had a visit from Kim and her lovely dog, Shakira. We learnt about how to be safe with animals and what to do when an angry dog comes near to us. Some lucky people even got to pat Shakira!