Buddies! 1S & 5T

We are so excited to meet our buddies from 5T. We will be doing some activities, eating lunches and having lots of fun together every fortnightly.


Chinese New Year Celebration 14 FEB 2014



On the 14th Feb 2014, we celebrated Chinese New Year at our school. We dressed up in Chinese costume or in the lucky colour – RED. We made lanterns and horse masks for the parade. At the parade, we saw the Chinese lion. It was amazing! Everyone was very excited! We just couldn’t help but tried to touch the lion. We had an awesome time!



IMG_5067 IMG_5068 IMG_5069 IMG_5072 IMG_5073

Buddies… 2013

How to be a good buddy?

We should be nice and use our manners.

We should work together and help each other.

We should listen to our buddies.

We love our buddies!

Our bodies – Buddies activity

In Term 3, we learnt all about our bodies. We have our buddies over to help us outline our bodies and label the different body parts.

Making cars…


This term we have been really busy with our big buddies. We used cardboard boxes, recycled bottle lids and coloured paper to make our cars! We are very excited and eager to show off our cars and bring them home.


Thank you to our buddies for helping us!

Fun and fulfilling Term 1

Easter Hat Parade


At the end of Term 1, we had our Easter hat parade. There are many creative work! Thank you all parents for your support!

Hospital Day



Today is Hospital day. We dressed up as doctors, nurses and patients (in our pjs) and brought a gold coin donation for The Royal Children Hospital, Good Friday Appeal. In total, we raised close to $700! We also met up with our buddies and bandaged up our teddies. It was a fun day!