Ambulance in School Program – 29th May


On 29th May, we had a visit from Lawrie in his ambulance. We learnt to call ‘000’ in case of emergency. Well done to those who remembered your home addresses and telephone numbers! We even went on the amubulance. It is not scary at all. It has all the medical equipment to help us.



A big Thank You to Jodie (Harrison’s mum) and Sharon (Tyler’s mum) for helping us on that day!

Basil’s Safety House Show


On 24th May, we had a visit from Basil, the Bunyip! We had a great time watching the show. Basil showed us what to do when we feel unsafe or when we need help. We learnt to look out for the Safety House sign on the letter box and we can ask for help if we need to. Thank you, Basil!

School Crossing Visit


On 15th May, Tuesday, we had a visit from a school crossing lady named Maureen. We learnt how to use the school crossing safely. We also learnt to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK whenever we are crossing the road. It was fun!

Responible Pet Ownership


On 9th May, Wednesday, we had a visit from Kim and her lovely dog, Shakira. We learnt about how to be safe with animals and what to do when an angry dog comes near to us. Some lucky people even got to pat Shakira!

Fun and fulfilling Term 1

Easter Hat Parade


At the end of Term 1, we had our Easter hat parade. There are many creative work! Thank you all parents for your support!

Hospital Day



Today is Hospital day. We dressed up as doctors, nurses and patients (in our pjs) and brought a gold coin donation for The Royal Children Hospital, Good Friday Appeal. In total, we raised close to $700! We also met up with our buddies and bandaged up our teddies. It was a fun day!

Canteen Visit

Welcome to Prep S at Berwick Lodge Primary School…

We work hard and play hard…


Term 1 we went to the canteen for a visit to learn how to buy food and special treats. We used counters as pretend money and got a nice cold icy pole! It was yummy! We wanted to go to the canteen again!