Why is ICT important?

Why is ICT important?

Contemporary research has shown that ICT can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods. A report made by the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan, acknowledged that an increase in student exposure to educational ICT through curriculum integration has a significant and positive impact on student achievement, especially in terms of “KnowledgeComprehension” · “Practical skill” and “Presentation skill” in subject areas such as mathematics, science, and social studies. Source: http://www.elmoglobal.com/en/html/ict/01.aspx

Mr Kelly

Digital Technologies Learning Coordinator at Berwick Lodge Primary School.


Harmony day-Jordan&Lachlan.

On Friday the 20th of March it was BLPS’s harmony day celebration. Our slogan was happiness is the one thing we have in common in the universe.
We met up with our buddies and had a parade. It was amazing.


Harmony day – Isabella and Mira

On Friday the 20 the of March we celebrated harmony day. We met up with our buddies. Some people from our grade spoke about the canvas and slogan. Every grade showed their canvas. After we walked around doing the cat walk. We enjoyed ourselves.


Harmony Day-Josh & Abdul

On Friday 20/3/15 3S caught up with our buddies at the Harmony day celebration. We went to the basketball court. We sat with our buddies. Everyone showed their canvas and talked about their slogan. Our slogan is “Happiness is the one thing we have in common in the universe”. We had lots of fun!


Harmony day – Alice L & Sarah

On harmony day we all went down to the basketball court to catch up with our buddies.
We did a canvas. Our slogan is “Happiness is the one thing we have in common in the universe “.
Then we all did a parade. Then some people did the choir ( for example ) me, Alice Leah and Holly.
We all had a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harmony Day-Ronan & Tevin

On the 20th of March we had a Harmony day parade. Each class took turns showing their canvas and reading their speech. Then the quire sang two of their songs.after that we ate snack with our buddies. And there was a big spider,and that’s our report on Harmony Day.

Harmony day – Senilka

On the 20th of March the whole school celebrated Harmony Day it was amazing we could were orange , purple or our traditional clothes then we found our buddies and sat down with them.Then every class had to people to represent the canvas and have a slogan on it , the people that we’re representing our canvas was Aaron and Judd , our slogan was “happiness is the one thing we have in common in the universe” , then we were doing the cat walk with our buddies .

Then the choir sang two songs “I’m a Australian” and ” Ebony an Ivory it was amazing singing then all the people that we’re representing the canvas had to stay to get a picture.And the rest went to eat with their buddies we saw a spider but it look like a cross for some reason we also gave our buddies some wristband I gave my buddy a pink one she liked the went out to play.

Welcome to 3S

Welcome to our grade! We enjoy learning through play.


I love Maths! I like to be challenged and up level myself in the Maths Challenge every day.

– Corey



I love to learn an idiom a day! Guess what ‘ Fish out of water’ means?

– AaronIMG_7867