Swimming- Luke

Last week 1s and 1k went swimming. And we learned diving in the pool I packed my swimming bag and I packed my towel, undies, cap, goggles, and a plastic bag myself quickly and then I got dressed.


What we have learnt about Safety…


After all these special visits from various organisation to share with us about Safety, we did some writing on what we have learnt. What an exciting Term 2!

CFA visit – 14th June


This week, we had some super cool fire fighters visited us at school! It was so exciting seeing the fire truck and all the cool equipment all around the truck! We even went onto the truck. It was really high!


Here are some writing that we did after the visit.


Today we went to the fire brigade.

  We went on the fire truck.

Today we watched the fire truck.

The suit was cool.

Thank you for coming to our school. We had a great time learning about fire safety.