Swimming – Paige

Last week 1s and 1k went swimming. I learned to do a platy pus paddle. And we went on a bus. It was cool and fun. We hade to take a.
To wel and undies and a swimming cap . We went past Wilson park and mum came on the bus with me .



For two weeks, 1s and 1k went swimming and I did a back torpedoe and I did a front torpedoe and did a back kick board and front kick board and I dried myself and I had so much fun. And then we went on the bus.


Swimming- kinslley

Last week 1S and 1K went swimming. We went past Wilson Botanic park.After we went on a bus took off t-shirt .then we went to our colour group .we went to our groups .we went to our couche.we did paddle and blowing bubbles in the water and torpedoe.


Swimming – Molly

I like being organised for swimming. I need to pack a towel, undies, cap, pair of goggles a bag and a hair brush. swimming is fantastic. that’s Why I like swimming. It is great. I learned to do freestyle and torpedoe and freestyle on the board.


Swimming- Isaiah

Last week 1s and 1k went swimming on a bus. we learned Torpedo and diving and we need to pack a towel, cap, undies and goggles. we went on a bus. we need to get ready quick by going to the toilet. I learned kicking on our back. And blowing bubbles in the water. i love swimming.