Harmony Day- Joshua V and Aaron

On Friday the 20th of March it was Harmony Day. We met our buddies first of all to the basketball court. Then, we listened to everyone talking about their canvas. Next, we all cat walked with our canvas.

After that, it was the choir songs. They sang two songs. Lastly,we ate with our buddies. And there was a spider. It looked like a toy. We also gave our buddies some colourful wristbands.

Melbourne Aquarium 20 Nov 2014

On 20th November 2014, we went to the Melbourne Aquarium in the city. We went there by bus. It was a long journey from our school to the city but we were all very excited. We went past the Yarra River and Flinder Street Station before getting to our destination.

When we got there, we went under the bridge and sat on the grassy patch to have our snacks. There were pigeons and seagulls, waiting to share our food with us! Our teachers had to shoo them away from us. We just couldn’t wait to get into the aquarium. After eating, we made sure we picked up all our rubbish and threw them into the bin.


Finally we went into the aquarium and met our guide. Her name was Amy. She was very friendly and happy to answer all our questions during the tour. First, we went to see the rays. The most amazing creature there was the elephant shark. It is not a shark! It has a trunk like an elephant. Amy told us that they use their food detector to scan the sea floor for food. That was very clever! Then we went to learn all about the sea creatures in the rock pool. We got to touch the sea star! How cool is that!


Next we met sharks – a variety of sharks. There were Leopard sharks, Grey nurse sharks, Smooth stingray, Lion fish, Saw fish and the sea turtles, and many more.


Lastly, we went to ‘Antarctica’ and saw lots of penguins.  They are cute and fluffy. We even saw some baby chicks. They are very fast swimmers too. 


It was a fantastic day – a day we will not forget for a long, long time.


Wildlife Minibeast Visit 21/8/13

On Wednesday 21st August we had a visit from Wildlife Minibeast to share with us some different types of mini beasts. It was very interesting and fascinating to see them up close and even get to pat some of them gently on their back. Thank you Ms Kelly for organizing this for us!





Share n Chat – plants around us

Regan brought a big leaf of a palm tree to share with us. We are learning all about plants and mini beasts in our garden. The students were all amazed by it. Thank you, Regan.



Nathan brought a pot of purple flower plant to share with us. We learnt that all plants need water, air and sunlight to grow. Thank you Nathan.