Community garden- Angelina

On Friday 24 of April we went to the community garden.
We all had to look for some sort of plants and veggies .The trickiest one was the bean stalk,
and we got to plant in our mini garden box.
The stuff we planted were poppies and Barkley.
We alI helped misses Mucrum with the hot house we planted onions and bak choy.
Miss seow told us what to find I looked for the beanstalk it was really tricky to find
In the end we still had no clue were it was.



Community Garden By Senilka

On Friday the 24th of April 2015 we went to the community garden to plant some vegetables first Mrs McCrum told us all about the community garden. There was this thing called a hothouse which is used for the plant’s soil to get moisture.

Then Mrs McCrum put some soil into every little part of the hot house,then everyone got a pair of gloves and we planted some onion and bak choy seeds in them and brought back to our classroom.