Harmony Day- Joshua V and Aaron

On Friday the 20th of March it was Harmony Day. We met our buddies first of all to the basketball court. Then, we listened to everyone talking about their canvas. Next, we all cat walked with our canvas.

After that, it was the choir songs. They sang two songs. Lastly,we ate with our buddies. And there was a spider. It looked like a toy. We also gave our buddies some colourful wristbands.

Children’s week activities 22nd Oct 2014

Last week, we celebrated Children’s week with our buddies. We gathered at the basketball court for Zumba! It was fun and exciting. We really liked the music.











Next we went to our first activity – Sack Relay. We had to put our legs into the sack and jumped to the other cone and jumped back. It was great but really tiring.











Then we went back to the basketball court to do some skipping and to play with hula hoops. We had a terrific time! Skipping can be a little challenging. However, hula hoops are easy, for some of us at least.













Next, we went to the gym to play balloon tap. We had to keep tapping the balloon and not let it fall to the ground. We had a competition with our buddies. It is the best game ever!











After that, we moved on to the court yard and played silent ball. It was really quiet because we were not allowed to talk! Shhhhhh…. Will won the game! Well done!




The best part was the bubbles! We were so looking forward to it. Unfortunately when we got there, there weren’t enough bubble liquid for all of us. That made us sad. Some of us are happy to have to a break though. Finally, the last game was Tunnel ball. We had to spread out out legs so that the ball could go through the ‘tunnel’.


It was a fantastic day, playing all these games with our buddies. We were glad to go back to the classroom as it was way too hot by then. We had our play lunch and went outside to play AGAIN!


Harmony Day celebration 21st March 2014

Last Friday, we celebrated Harmony Day. We dressed up in orange or in national costumes. We saw two dances.

Unfortunately there was a storm. So we could not have a parade. We went back to our classroom and made paper dolls with our buddies.

When we finished making the dolls, we got to play on the iPads. We listened to three stories about Harmony Day and played some games.



Chinese New Year Celebration 14 FEB 2014



On the 14th Feb 2014, we celebrated Chinese New Year at our school. We dressed up in Chinese costume or in the lucky colour – RED. We made lanterns and horse masks for the parade. At the parade, we saw the Chinese lion. It was amazing! Everyone was very excited! We just couldn’t help but tried to touch the lion. We had an awesome time!



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